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Salfeet is a town and Governate district in the Israeli-occupied northern West Bank of Palestine about 25 miles north of Jerusalem. The District comprises the town of Salfeet itself together with 19 villages with a total population of 60,000.

The major activity is agriculture, especially olives and olive oil, and the land is high up and fertile. The District is close to the large Israeli settlement town, Ariel, which has a population of 80,000 and was built partly on land taken from Salfeet.

Salfeet is rich in water but it can be drilled only by the Israelis who then sell it back to Palestinians.

Apart from shortage of water, Salfeet’s other major problems are unemployment, restricted freedom of movement by checkpoints, roadblocks and the Israeli separation wall, loss of land, and pollution of their rivers from the untreated effluent pumped into them from the Israeli settlements.