Watford Friends of Salfeet is a friendship link between the people of Watford, Three Rivers and Hertsmere in Hertfordshire, and the people of Salfeet in the West Bank of Palestine.

Our aim is to provide material and moral support to Salfeet citizens in a time of great need and to show that they are not Forgotten.

We are an independent group with no political or religious affiliations.

Aims of Watford Friends of Salfeet

• Help to secure for the Palestinians in general and the people of Salfeet in particular their human rights and civil liberties

• Promote the observance of international humanitarian law especially in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian Situation

• Contribute to the relief of need arising from violations of human rights and international law amongst the people of Salfeet

• Support the social, medical and educational activities and institutions of Salfeet. The intention is to support the whole community rather than specific groups within it